The Rowan Tee makes me MIGHTY

This tee-shirt is amazing. as in, so amazing that i sewed it together while there was a nap time..



It is the Rowan Tee, by Titchy Threads. It is due to be released on 20 October, 2014. Yay for Mondays!


There happens to be 144 combinations for making this shirt.


yes, i said 144.

Long sleeve, short sleeve, shoulder stripe, full stripe, kangaroo pocket, cuffs, no cuffs, hood, (awesome three part lined hood!!), typical neckline, ahhhh…… endless really.


my c-star told me the shirt made him mighty….


I believe him.


Since Kids Clothes Week starts on the same day as this pattern release…

maybe it would work for you!!
kid's clothes week

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “The Rowan Tee makes me MIGHTY

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