KCW- Do You Know What That Means!!

I have seen plenty of blogs who have participated in Kids Clothes Week throughout the years…

I was very inspired, but never had a blog to share.

SO now that I am crazy, and started a blog,

I went for it.

Here ya go, I blasted out the Rowan Tee.


IMG_1823 (640x427)




Once you already have the pattern printed….. and cut out….. and just laying there on top of your pile of sewing world….


It just screams use me!!!


so I just kept going!!

I said before, that the Rowan Tee makes them mighty….

IMG_2146  IMG_2148 (427x640)

IMG_2110 IMG_2169 (427x640)

look mom! I am mighty too!!

look mom! I am mighty too!!


so fun!!

IMG_1796 (640x427)

For this one, with the pretty lace, I upcycled a shirt that never fit me right.

IMG_1809 (427x640)

Fits her just fine!!

I also made lil miss a comfy play dress from another shirt of mine.

it is so soft cotton….


i hacked the pattern by drawing an a line angled slightly out from the bottom of the armscye to extend the length and make it a dress.

she loves the pockets of course…

i also made another Rowan Tee out of some other shirts from the neighbor.


she cherished this mandala, so i made it live again.


i used two different shirts to create that one.  i hope neighbor girl likes it!!

i also made another shirt, but the pattern is still in testing, so i will edit after the release!!

I feel, kids clothes week was a success for me!! First One Ever!!

Check out Laura’s post (the designer!!) about the many Rowan Tee’s!


So long!! Thanks for stopping by!!




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